Contemplative Outreach of North San Diego (CONSD) is a part of a spiritual network that is committed to promoting, providing, and sustaining the resources needed to learn and practice Centering Prayer. This spiritual network is comprised of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., CONSD, a Chapter of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., Centering Prayer Groups, and individuals who practice Centering Prayer.

National Organization

Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. is our national organization. It is located in Butler , NJ . It is a non- profit organization that is managed by a Board of Trustees. Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. provides a number of services that support its Chapters. For example, CONSD is able to use Contemplative Outreach, Ltd’s. non- profit tax identification number. This allows those who make donations to CONSD to take those donations as a tax deduction. Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. provides CONSD with resource people who are available both in person as well as by phone and e-mail to mentor and guide its Chapters. Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. also provides chapters with a wide array of educational resources in the form of speakers as well as books, videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and audiotapes.

The Chapter

CONSD provides Centering Prayer Introductory Programs that consist of a one-day workshop and the six continuing sessions. It also provides speakers and/or written information to churches and other organizations interested in learning about Centering Prayer. The Chapter also provides support to Centering Prayer Groups and those individuals practicing Centering Prayer but who are not members of a Centering Prayer Group. The support is in the form of continual communication with Prayer Group facilitators, as well as providing frequent events that are designed to enrich the Centering Prayer practitioner’s spiritual journey. The CONSD Chapter is managed by two Co – Coordinators and a Servant Leadership Team. The Servant Leadership Team is comprised of the following teams:

Centering Prayer Introductory Service Team: This team facilitates the implementation of the Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop and the six continuing sessions.

Communication Service Team: This team provides any type of messaging that CONSD needs to communicate with members, prayer group facilitators, newspapers or religious organizations in the North County area of San Diego . The current ways we are communicating are as follows:

  • The quarterly CONSD Newsletter
  • Emails to Prayer Group Facilitators and Servant Leadership Team
  • Flyers for Events
  • Information Packets for Introductory Centering Prayer Program
  • Event Notices to Newspapers

Spiritual Enrichment Team: This team plans and carries out half day prayer retreats.

Registration Service Team: This team facilitates the registration process for all CONSD events.

Hospitality Service Team: This team facilitates the provision of food and beverages at all CONSD events.

Financial Support Service Team: This team manages the CONSD books and provides monthly and year end financial reports.

Correspondence Service Team: This team provides written thank you notes and other forms of written recognition.

Webmaster Service Team: This team develops and maintains the CONSD web site.

At Large Service Team: This team provides support and service as needed.

Centering Prayer Groups

CONSD is comprised of 21 Centering Prayer Groups. They meet once a week for an hour and a half. The purpose of the meeting is to provide ongoing support and encouragement of each member’s daily practice of Centering prayer as well as continuous spiritual education and development regarding the method and practice of Centering Prayer. The meeting consists of a 20 minute period of Centering Prayer and a period of education. The education may be in the form of a video tape by Fr. Thomas Keating or a book by Fr. Thomas Keating or other authors related to Centering Prayer. Following the period of education there is a period of faith sharing and then a period of discussion regarding the educational material and questions that group members have about their Centering Prayer Practice.

The Individual who practices Centering Prayer

The individual who practices Centering Prayer is the most important link in the spiritual network. Each individual engaged in the daily practice of Centering Prayer is expressing a desire for a closer relationship with God and a desire to live the contemplative dimension of the Gospel in everyday life. The sole reason for the existence of this spiritual network is to support the individual who practices Centering Prayer.

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Contact Info

Co-Coordinators CONSD:
Sue Hagen 
Address:  908 Via Linda,
Escondido CA, 92029
Phone: 760-745-8860
Email address:  consd@cox.net  

Linda Dollins
Phone:  760-743-8297
Email:  dollinslinda@hotmail.com

To schedule a speaker on centering prayer for your group or organization Contact:  Sue Hagen:
Phone: 760-745-8860
Email:  sue.hagen@sbcglobal.net

To schedule an Introductory Program Contact either:
Linda Dollins
Phone:  760-743-8297
Email:  dollinslinda@hotmail.com

Gail Carr
Phone:  760-634-0398
Email:  carr.gail@gmail.com