Introductory Program

In this experiential workshop you will learn the four simple steps of Centering Prayer, then you will practice the prayer, and learn more about how Centering Prayer affects your life. The Introductory Program consists of seven sessions: one three hour workshop and six weekly continuing sessions. These six weekly meetings provide a comprehensive follow-up program to the workshop. A $25.00 donation for the entire program is appreciated.

One Day Workshop

The one day workshop is divided into four conferences and two twenty minute periods of Centering Prayer.

Conference 1 – Prayer as Relationship: This section focuses on the fact that any form of prayer expresses our desire to be in relationship with God and how Centering Prayer deepens that relationship.

Conference 2 – The Method of Centering Prayer: In this section the participants are taught the four guidelines of Centering Prayer. The first period of Centering Prayer occurs after this section.

Conference 3 – Thoughts and Use of the Sacred Word: This section focuses on the fact that thoughts will inevitably occur during Centering Prayer and how one can effectively handle them. A second period of Centering Prayer follows this section.

Conference 4 – Deepening Our Relationship With God: In this section the focus is on how the method of Centering Prayer deepens our relationship with God and how this ever deepening relationship is manifested in our daily life. During the workshop there are opportunities for questions and discussion as well as a morning break. The one day workshop typically begins at 8:30 am and ends at 12:30 pm.

The Six Continuing Sessions

At the end of the one day workshop the person who will facilitate the six continuing sessions meets with those workshop participants who want to continue with these sessions to discuss the day, time and place of the continuing sessions. The continuing sessions last one and a half hours. During this time there is a 20 minute period of Centering Prayer and a video tape in which Fr. Thomas Keating discusses the purpose and method of Centering Prayer in depth. Following the video there is a period of faith sharing. Faith sharing is a time in which, if one wants to, one can share a thought or feeling about the content of the video and there is no discussion about what is shared. Following the period of faith sharing there is a period of discussion regarding the video tape as well as questions regarding one’s experiences with and/or questions about their daily practice of Centering Prayer.

Would you like to arrange an Introductory Program for your Church, group, or organization? If you do please contact either Linda Dollins 760-743-8297, or Gail Carr 760-634-0398.

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Co-Coordinators CONSD:
Sue Hagen 
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Linda Dollins
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To schedule a speaker on centering prayer for your group or organization Contact:  Sue Hagen:
Phone: 760-745-8860

To schedule an Introductory Program Contact either:
Linda Dollins
Phone:  760-743-8297

Gail Carr
Phone:  760-634-0398