Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to donate your time and talent? We have many opportunities for you if you do!!

CONSD is a volunteer organization. We have no paid staff. We have no grants or other forms of financial support. Our richness is in our members. It is amazing how much can get done if a lot of people put in a small amount of time. CONSD’s volunteers adhere to CO, Ltd’s Administrative Principle #6 which states “All who provide Contemplative Outreach services do so in proportion to and in balance with their personal, family, professional, business and other responsibilities.” The following is a list of volunteer opportunities:

Centering Prayer Introductory Service Team:
This team facilitates the implementation of the Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop and the six continuing sessions.

Communication Service Team: This team provides any type of messaging that CONSD needs to communicate with members, prayer group facilitators, newspapers or religious organizations in the North County area of San Diego . The current ways we are communicating are as follows: . The quarterly CONSD Newsletter
· Emails to Prayer Group Facilitators and Servant Leadership Team
· Flyers for Events
· Information Packets for Introductory Centering Prayer Program
· Event Notices to Newspapers

Spiritual Enrichment Team: This team plans and carries out half day prayer retreats.

Registration Service Team:
This team facilitates the registration process for all events.

Hospitality Service Team:
This team facilitates the provision of food and beverages at all events.

Financial Support Service Team:
This team manages the finances and provides monthly and year end financial reports.

Correspondence Service Team:
This team provides written thank you notes and other forms of written recognition.

Webmaster Service Team:
This team develops and maintains the website.

At Large Service Team:
This team provides support and service as needed.

Outreach Team:
We are bringing Centering Prayer to those who may not have heard about it. We have 3 specific areas of concentration: Cardiac care, Pain management and 12-step people. We need Team Members to assist us.

For more detailed information contact Sue Hagen:
Phone: 760-745-8860
Email: sue.hagen@sbcglobal.net

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Contact Info

Co-Coordinators CONSD:
Sue Hagen 
Address:  908 Via Linda,
Escondido CA, 92029
Phone: 760-745-8860
Email address:  consd@cox.net  

Linda Dollins
Phone:  760-743-8297
Email:  dollinslinda@hotmail.com

To schedule a speaker on centering prayer for your group or organization Contact:  Sue Hagen:
Phone: 760-745-8860
Email:  sue.hagen@sbcglobal.net

To schedule an Introductory Program Contact either:
Linda Dollins
Phone:  760-743-8297
Email:  dollinslinda@hotmail.com

Gail Carr
Phone:  760-634-0398
Email:  carr.gail@gmail.com